1843 Hamilton Street    Regina,  SK


TAPAS & Appetizers

Rosemary Paprika Oil & Aged Cheddar $5

Served with house made ciabatta crisps $8 GF*

Potato & leek served with house made ciabatta crisps $8  V GF*

With creole Dijon mustard, blended grain mustard, and aged cheddar & garlic aioli $8 V

Served with grainy Dijon mustard. Fresh sausages daily from our good friends at the Ukrainian Co-op. $13 LOC GF

Served with our house made white truffle aioli. $9 V GF

Korean BBQ Pork Ribs

Served with our house kimchi 14 LF

Option of Chipotle BBQ, Red chili hot, Hamilton street buffalo, or Creole dry wings $14 GF

Beef gravy, Quebec cheese curds on Belgian style fries. $12

With fresh basil, zucchini, grape tomatoes, green onion steamed in a white wine butter sauce served with ciabatta crisps. $19 GF LF

With a creamy white truffle aioli. $13 V

In a red chili, fresh basil, and lime compound butter with ciabatta toast. $15 GF

With a sweet and spicy sriracha aioli. $14 LOC GF

Daily selection of fresh shucked oysters with our pure guava hot sauce, house mignonette.  $3ea  GF  LF


An assortment of sliced carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, and red peppers. Served with white truffle aioli $19 V GF LOC

Ask your server for todays chef selected meats.

Gorgonzola, double cream Brie and Guinness cheddar cheese. With grapes, berries, fresh grape tomatoes, house pickling, grainy Dijon mustard & crisp ciabatta toast. $27

Bucket of sausages, Korean BBQ Ribs, Chicken Wings, and Rosemary paprika Popcorn. $28 GF


Burgers & Sandwiches

with side of house fries, Greens Salad, or soup

House Made 7oz grilled Chicken & pork patty topped with a spiced bacon jam, aged white cheddar, rocket greens, grape tomatoes, onions and pink peppercorn aioli. $17 LOC

House made 7oz  grilled bison and smoked bacon patty topped with melted Gorgonzola cheese, burnt green onions, pea shoots, spring greens with a creamy white truffle aioli. $17 LOC

Grilled chicken breast topped with aged cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, arugula greens, sriracha mayo on a fresh brioche bun. $17 LOC

House made Kimchi with Gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese. $15 V

Slow roasted rib eye, aged white cheddar cheese, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, grape tomatoes & pink peppercorn aioli served with a beef jus for dipping. $16

Grilled rib eye, sautéed mushrooms, melted aged cheddar and horseradish sauce and caramelized onions. $18 LOC




Add grilled Chicken Breast, Pork Belly, Black Tiger Shrimp, or Smoked Salmon $7

Grilled rib eye served medium, crisp greens, house ciabatta croûtons, egg, Gorgonzola cheese tossed in a red wine Dijon vinaigrette. $18  GF* V* LOC

Topped with carrots, radish, cranberries, hemp hearts, grape tomatoes & Rebellion lentil cream ale vinaigrette. $14  GF

Crispy pork and chicken Gyoza, fresh greens, carrot, cucumber, radish, and chilled ramen noodles tossed in a sweet sesame soy dressing. $16 V*

Romaine, house made Caesar dressing, fried capers, croûtons, Grana Padano.  $15 V GF*



Grilled Yakitori chicken skewers with sautéed carrot, zucchini, red onion, mushrooms, fresh pea shoots tossed with soba noodles. $17 V* LOC

Hickory smoked bacon in a Old white cheddar, Swiss and grana padano cheese. $17 V* LOC

Sautéed tiger shrimp in a creamy pesto sauce tossed with fresh peas and linguine noodles. $18 V*

Portobello, button, and oyster mushrooms, garlic cream sauce, fresh arugula topped with Grana Padano cheese and truffle aioli. $16 V



German Spaetzle sautéed in a rosemary brown butter sauce topped with grilled chicken skewers served with seasonal vegetables. $22 LOC

Grilled, hickory smoked bone-in pork chop, thyme & basil pesto, served with pan roasted mushrooms, potatoes, and green onions.  $25 LOC GF

Ginger marinated steel head trout finished with a coconut curry sauce and served with jasmine rice and seasonal vegetables. $24 LOC

Oven roasted Lumsden valley broccoli, beets, radishes, carrots, corn, and onions in a baked phyllo bowl topped with Coteau Hills Creamery feta cheese and sprouts.   $21  V LOC

House rubbed, flame grilled rib eye and served over roasted baby potatoes, seasonal vegetables & topped with a Gorgonzola chive compound butter. $25 GF



Rich Chocolate and Dulce de Leche mousse topped with toffee crisp and Himalayan pink salt. $8  V  GF*

Ask your server for the chef’s daily creation. $8 V

Classic french vanilla custard topped with crispy burnt caramel and fresh fruit.  $8 V

Can’t decide on one? Try all three of our house desserts in miniature form! $14 V



Smoked bacon $3     Fried Eggs $3

Potato Hash $3     Panini toast $3

2 flour tortillas filled with a cumin black bean mash, rice and aged cheddar baked with mozzarella and fresh pico de gallo topped with a sunny side egg. $13

Layers of melty mozzarella cheese and toast with kimchi, topped with a fried egg and hollandaise sauce, served with potato hash. $15


Cold brew coffee, cardamom black pepper syrup, and cream.$4.5

Cherry-anise syrup, OJ, Lemon, Soda, and fresh mint. $4.5

Mulled cider served with an orange slice and cinnamon. $4.5


Sparkling Wine & OJ

House-made Worchester with Hot Sauce, Vodka, and Clamato

Tequila, Vermouth, Lime juice, Agave syrup, Soda

Pineapple Vodka, Aperol, Lemon juice, OJ, Soda

Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Lemon juice, Lentil beer

Bourbon, spices, and Tomato Juice

Sauteed Arugula and Mushrooms with aged cheddar cheese and onions, served with panini toast and potato hash.  $12

Egg noodle pasta, sauteed with bacon, peas, and 3-cheese fresh herb cream sauce, topped with a sunny side egg, served with panini toast.  $14

Classic gravy and cheese curds with bacon topped with a fried egg over fries.  $13

Two eggs, smoked bacon, and hash browns with panini toast. $12

Grilled ribeye with 2 sunny side eggs and ciabatta toast and potato hash. $18

Bison and bacon patty, greens, tomatoes, truffle aioli, with a fried egg served with potato hash. $18

Rich beef marrow-filled bones, topped with sweet and savory bacon jam, served with a side of panini toast and 2 Sunny Side eggs. $15



Banana waffles topped with a dollop of salted caramel chocolate mousse and a side of whipped cream and beer syrup. $14

Sweet and tart topping on a stack of waffles with a crumble of Coteau Hills Creamery Feta cheese and a side of beer syrup. $14

2 poached eggs with capicola ham on waffles with hollandaise. $14

Crispy Chicken between waffles, topped with butter and served with a side of beer syrup. $16



   * Available ½ Price on Thursday Nights after 8 pm

El Dorado 12 Year Rum - Laphroaig Quarter Cask Scotch - Fino Sherry - Simple Syrup $9

Amaro Averna - Green Chartreuse - Lemon Juice - Egg White - Angostura - Simple Syrup $13

Brandy - Amaretto - Lemon - Egg White - Angostura - Black Walnut Bitters - Simple Syrup $13

Pineapple Vodka - Overproof Rum - Havana Club 7 - Citrus Juice - Cherry Syrup $11

Rye Whiskey - Cynar - Sweet Vermouth - Angostura $9

Lychee Liqueur - Aperol - Lime Juice - Gin  $9

Havana Club 7 - Galiano - Campari - Angostura - Smoke $13

Burnt rosemary smoked glass - Elderflower Gin - Basil Lime Cordial - London Gin $10

 Espolon Tequila - Lime - Creme De Cassis - Triple Sec - Smoked Salt Rim $11

Bourbon - Lemon - Ginger lemon syrup - grenadine - grapefruit bitters - soda $9

Vodka - Kamora - Cold Brewed Coffee - Half n Half - Cardamom Black Pepper Syrup $9

Ceylon Tea - Coconut Milk - Vodka - Rum - Triple Sec - Basil Lime Cordial $9

Bourbon - Rebellion Cherry Mead - Lemon - Ginger Lemon Syrup - Egg White $9

Pimm’s No. 1 - Gin - Lemon - Angostura - Cucumber $9

classic concoctions


rye / whisky

templetons $ 7

40 creek john k. hall$ 8

knob creek rye $ 7

canadian club 100% rye$ 6



bookers $ 10

bulleit $ 6

knob creek $ 7

buffalo trace $ 7

elijah craig 12 yr $ 9

Makers Mark $ 8



boodles $ 6

hendricks $ 7

lucky bastard gambit $ 6

bombay sapphire $ 6

bombay east $ 6



el dorado 12 yr. $ 7

flor de cana 7 yr. $ 6

bacardi 8 $ 6

1796 ron antiguo de solera $ 10

brugal anejo $ 6


1800 silver $ 6

casamigos blanco $ 10

hornitos $ 6

cazadores anejo $ 7



chase $ 8

lucky bastard $ 6

ciroc $ 8

dillon’s method 95 $ 8

tito’s handmade $ 7

ketel one $ 7

three olives  $ 6



bowmore 15 yr. $ 11

oban 14 yr. $ 15

dalwhinnie 15 yr. $ 12

lagavulin 16 yr. $ 16

laphroaig quarter cask $ 9

aberfeldy 12 yr $ 7

aberlour 12 yr $ 7

talisker 10yr $ 8

cardu $ 7

johnnie walker gold label  $ 7

teachers $ 6

Draft beer

5 taps of local Craft beer rotating styles and Breweries. Ask your Server for today’s Tap list.


Bottle Selection



Red Zinfandel - California

Sun ripened California Zinfandel Grapes barrel aged and specifically crafted for The Capitol.

5oz  - $12     9oz  - $18      Bottle  -  $60

Malbec - Argentina

Medium-bodied with aromas of plum and blackcurrants and a soft tannic finish

5oz  - $10     9oz  - $16      Bottle  -  $50

Negroamaro - Italy

Full-bodied, bursting with Morello Cherries and dark fruit flavours

5oz  - $10     9oz  - $16      Bottle  -  $50

Merlot / Cabernet  Sauvignon - Sicily

Flavours of raspberry, pistachio, and toffee

5oz  - $10     9oz  - $16      Bottle  -  $50

Grenache - Spain

Soft and dense wine using traditional Portuguese varietals

5oz  - $11     9oz  - $17      Bottle  -  $55

Cabernet  Sauvignon / Cabernet Franc / Merlot - Bordeaux

Garnet colour with predominant red fruit aromas on the bouquets

5oz  - $12    9oz  - $18      Bottle  -  $60


white Wine

Gewürztraminer / Riesling  - Niagra, Ontario

Fruity honey, tangerine, and white peach offset by delicate spice

5oz  - $10     9oz  - $16      Bottle  -  $50

Garganega  - Italy

Aromas of pear and passion fruit balanced with a clean citrus finish.

5oz  - $10     9oz  - $16      Bottle  -  $50

Organic Chardonnay - Chile

Plenty of tropical fruit volume with a crisp finish.

5oz  - $11     9oz  - $17      Bottle  -  $55

Chenin Blanc - Kelowna, BC

Dry and medium-bodied, bright and juicy.

5oz  - $12     9oz  - $18      Bottle  -  $60

Sauvignon  Blanc - New Zealand

Bright acidity and tropical fruit on the palate.

 5oz  - $11     9oz  - $17      Bottle  -  $55





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